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Mining Companies In Congo DRC 2020 [ DRC Business]

Mining Companies In Congo DRC

Mining Companies In Congo DRC

Find mining companies in congo DRC. Some mining companies may miss on the list. here are the biggest and active one.

– Gecamines: the main mining company for the gouvernement of congo which is located in Katanga.

All mining companies uses thier carriers of mines in katanga congo.

Production copper and cobalt as principal mines but has more carriers for other minerals.

– MIBA: this another mining company for the kasai province

belong to the gouvernement of congo. Production of diamonds

– Tenke Fungurume: Production copper and cobalt

– Mutanda Mining: Production copper and cobalt

– Kibali Gold

– Kamoto Copper Company: Production copper and cobalt

– Boss Mining: Production copper and cobalt

– Alphamin Bisie Mining

– Kamoa Copper: Production copper and cobalt

– Kisanfu Mining

– Deziwa SAS: Production copper and cobalt. the company is situated to the east side of kolwezi 35 km away.

the production has started recently and the Gecamines participated in the opening day ceremony.

880 millions was invested since 2018 for a production expectation of 80,000 tonnes of copper and 8,000 tonnes of cobalt.

The shareholders are China Nonferrous Metal Mining Company (CNMC) and congo gouvernement through Gecamines

– Kasombo Mining

– Sicomine

– Ivanohe

– MMG Kinsevere: is situated 30 km north of Lubumbashi, haut-Katanga Province in Democratic Republic of Congo

– NB mining

– Mining Mineral Resources SARL (MMR)

– Mutanda & Katanga Mining

– Société d’Exploitation de Kipoi (SEK)

– Somika Sarl: Production Copper Cathode of 99.995% of purity, Hydroxide of 30 to 35% of purity and Copper Blisters of 92 to 93% of purity.

– Ruashi Mining SAS: Production copper and cobalt

Ruashi Mining produces 4 400 tons of Cobalt and 38 000 tones of Copper per annum. Ruashi is a cobalt and copper mines in Haut-Katanga province


– Metalkol

This is not all the mining companies in congo drc you may find useful information

from the mining minister department and other business related info.