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Exploit Mining Resources In Congo DRC

Exploit Mining Resources In Congo DRC

Exploit Mining Resources In Congo DRC

Think of how to exploit mining resources in congo DRC. There are two ways to go for it.

  1. Artisanal
  2. Industrial

    – Artisanal

    To exploit mining resources in the artisanal way means handwork. generally in favour of citizens of congo and it doesn’t required big capital in orders to exploit. Some mining carriers are used for artisanal exploitation only. The gouvernment left that for the citizens to exploit.

The artisanal is a very hardwork as it is hand work no mining equipments are allowed in those carriers so the production is very neglected that’s why it is cheaper.

Now we need to understand how some big men and foreigners especially indians, Lebanese and some chinese make money.

They really like this way to avoid mining licences required for exploitation of mines in congo DRC and government taxation.

So they make a lot of money by using the carriers diggers who goes in the carriers to dig mines and pay them very cheap as most of them are low level people who don’t really know the value of the products so they just happy to get the small amounts of money they paid them because it makes them live well according to their level of life.

The big men will mostly sell locally to some mining companies at a normal price which is far more than what they spent. longtime ago they used to get more because it was easier to go sell outside they country even though illegally exported now it is difficult to do so.

So to exploit mining resources in congo DRC artisanal way and make a lot of money you need to get more mining diggers to work for you and propose to get a contract to sell the products at some mining companies locally like Rwashi mining etc.

  • Industrial

Exploit industrial way involved the usage of mining equipments therefore high production and a lot of money to invest.

Some preliminary process to consider when thinking about industrial exploitation of mining resources, firstly register the company after that then you may look for licenses required to operate in this sector.

If you need more information on to get mining carriers (site) or licenses please feel free to contact us we will guide you to the right people in the mining minister of DRC.

Exploit mining resources in congo DRC by checking the New Geological Map

Which shows the visible site of mines in congo from 2005

  • Gold : 58.6%
  • Cassiterite: 17%
  • Diamonds: 5.2%
  • Other: 12.2%
  • Copper: percentage not available yet
  • Cobalt
  • Coltan
  • Wolframite etc.

We wish you a good luck to exploit mining resources in congo DRC.