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Vodacom DRC: How To Become Partner For M-Pesa

Vodacom DRC m-pesa

Vodacom DRC M-pesa

Vodacom DRC is a mobile cellular company in congo DRC which offer many services in telecommunication (calling, SMS, Internet and mobile money).

What is M-Pesa vodacom DRC

M-pesa is a micro finance product and money transfer service created by vodacom in 2012 which facilitated users in payment of different other services.

How to become partner for M-pesa vodacom DRC

Anyone can become partner for M-pesa depending on the need, you may choose the level of partnership from these five categories:

  • Super Agent/ Super dealer: Is a partner who will manage a group of M-pesa agents who are dependents or independents. The principal mission of a super agent is to recruit, develop and manage the direct distribution of electronic money, to register and migrate new clients. Some required documents to become super agent: – A sign contrate – Entreprise status – Commercial registration number (RCCM) – Tax number – Bank statement – IDs
  • Electronic Money Supplier: Can be a bank or a cooperative which will have to supply money in cash to M-pesa agents.
  • M-pesa agents: Is any person who does money transaction (deposit, withdraw) via M-pesa with the M-pesa clients. These transactions can done in a shop or an office depending on the type of agents.
  • Ambulating Agents: These ones register, educate new M-pesa clients how it works.

Other services which M-pesa offers

  • Salary advanced: This service allows employees who have a bank account in the bank partners with vodacash to apply for an advance in salary in cas they have an urgent need of money. Some Requirements: – The clients must a bank account in a bank partner to vodacash. – The client must register with the bank for the avanced on salary with M-pesa. – The bank will set the amount of money which the client can be able to take. – The client must have M-pesa account – The salary should be paid in that bank account
  • Currency Exchange Office: This service give the clients information on the rate for forex the francs congolais and US dollars.
  • Tranfer money from M-pesa to my bank account: vodacom DRC allow linking M-pesa to a bank partner Finca so that the clients can transfer money from M-pesa to Finca account. To be eligible to do this transfer: – You must have M-pesa account (standard or premium) – Have a bank account at FINCA – Subscribe to Finca mobile
  • M-Pesa Pay TV: M-pesa facilitate the payment of TV connection for canal+, DSTV, startimes, Iroko, BLEUSAT and EASY TV Dial on your mobile *1122# enter and follow the instruction

M-pesa bank na tshombo: Are you a M-pesa user and have equity bank account in congo, Vodacom DRC make it easy for you to transfer money from your M-pesa account to your bank account. This system help you to save time and energy, avoid queuing at the bank especially this time of social distancing cause by coronavirus, with M-pesa it is fast and safe to transfer money into your bank account. The requirements you need in order to start using this system: – Have a M-pesa premium account – Have a bank account at equity bank – Link your M-pesa number to your bank account.

To transfer money from M-pesa account to your bank account dial *1122# and follow the instructions.