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Type Of Men You Should NEVER Marry (If You Want To Be Successful)

Type of men to never married

Type of men to never married

Type of men to know about when deciding who to marry, as you know to make a good choice it is not always easy because you will have to discover the person you are in a relationship with.

The engagement time is a period of observation unfortunately many couples are not taking more time to observe some behaviors which can be long term signs of big consequences in the future.

To be successful you need to create a good environment with people who are supporting you or people who have the same way vision to become a good entrepreneur or successful in life.

Some people have a good vision to become very successful in particular sectors but the way they live does not facilitate them to achieve or succeed.

This article concerns first of all two categories of people: women and men.

Women: this article will help you identify the type of men you have in your life and see what to avoid in the future, if you understood this type of men you will take your responsibilities in your choice.

Men: This article is an invitation to become mature and pay attention to your life and work hard to develop your qualities so that you can add value to others. Most of the time men will say they looking for a good person to marry so in this article we will help you be a good man before you find a good woman.

In this article, we are trying to provide a list of the type of men to observe during the engagement time which will help you make a good decision. This list will provide the main type of men but not all of them and you may also comment or write to us to suggest what seems to miss.

Type Of Men You Should NEVER Marry (If You Want To Be Successful)

  1. Irresponsible Men: The type of men is characterized by non-commitment, they do not have a sense of responsibility in their acts, this type of men do not care of what can happen, in most cases, they cause matters but do not want to face the consequences. A simple way to know this kind of men is to look at couples who have been together for a long time but not living together for no good reasons.
  2. Violent Men: This kind of men hit a woman, easily abuse a woman, and can not control anger, a woman is a weak human being so this kind of men present danger for women as in some cases she may not be able to defend herself. Many cases of violence have been reported all around the world so avoid this kind of man. It always starts with a small violent act.
  3. Violence Men In Words: Most of the time we see violence on the physics side but bad words are more violent than the physic violence because bad words can make suffer your heart for a long time, it hurts very bad, this kind of violence affect women emotionally and even spiritually, so it is a kind of barrier in life as it affects a person from interior and sometimes can reflect on the body (face). If you are in a relationship with a man who always hurt with words and can not change, it is time for you to think twice but you have the signs the person who you will be with you all life destroy you from inside.
  4. Mom’s sons: We all know how deep is the attachment between mother and son called mother’s boy. This deep attachment is very normal and understandable when the boy still in his parents’ house. Most time the mothers have a problem letting their sons live with the women they have chosen especially at the beginning of a new couple. There are many signs which will show you the mother’s boy like a mother who wants to decide about the choice of a woman for his son and in most cases, it does not end at the choice only but implicate themselves into the couple’s life, this fact always bring a lot of problems as the mothers do not balance the way to implicated themselves in couple’s life, they mostly on their son’s side and make the women uncomfortable therefore a conflict between the mothers and the wives. To avoid that in the future a woman who has a good vision tries to solve that matter before getting into some relation which will be an obstacle to your success.
  5. Stingy Men: Observe this type of men do not see women more special to them that why they can not buy or offer the expensive gift, here we do say that a man must spend a lot of money to show love, a man can buy you a quality gift regardless of the cost not to impress you but to show you that you are a valuable person to him. We do not say only an expensive gift but quality from the heart. Who is a stingy man, a person who has but can not give you just because he does not consider you, a man who he is thinking that the relationship will not go far just playing with you, it is inexplicable a man who has a salary of 5000$ can not buy you a ring for 100$ only 10$ than he is stingy to you. Stinginess is that difficult to give even when you have a lot, the over saving manners even on themselves it hard to spend what about others. You are a woman with vision observe the type of men to not be a victim of barriers to success in your life by stingy men.
  6. Men who do not respect words they say: The words you speak have a very important impact on your reputation, we do not necessarily mean liers but men who do not keep the word they say. For example, A man can promise you to come and see you tonight if he gets another occupation at that time he will easily go and make excuses later. In many cases what men say is not what they do because they do not keep words. Go far away from this kind of man because they will always bring confusion in what you would like to start seriously. A good man must be able to keep words they say or promises. Naturally women like serious men who say a thing and do it without a problem. The type of men who speaks a lot and end up forgetting everything.
  7. Egocentric Men: Selfish men who are about themselves only, every advantage on him. Love in a relationship is about showing your partner how she is a valuable person to you. Love requires more sacrifices for others so egocentric people will make a relationship one way only on their advantages. Egocentric men’s behavior will create an imbalanced relationship that will not be comfortable for the woman. Before getting married a woman needs to observe this attitude from men some people can change but not all are willing to change. In the kind of men you will see that all the activities come first (business, work, sport, games, etc) and the woman and all family will be at last place so open your eye to detect this fact.
  8. Men only interested in sex: This is very clear there is no love if the man is only interested in one thing (sex), in contrary sex should be a bonus to a relationship otherwise prostitutes are there for that, here we talk about the serious relationship with a long term vision of a stable family. Men only interested in sex are mostly in many women, this is very dangerous for life as there are many sickness STD. This is the type of man who wants to have sex within the same day you meet or a few days later, they are not in need to know you or give you the time to know them well. This sign should help you see the kind of men you are dealing with if you are serious about your life.
  9. Men without ambition: They do not look in the future or do not think high about their life so the kind of men who will not help or support you if you have big ambition in your life. there are considered to be poor in mind. so choose your way with people with ambition to grow and be successful in your life.
  10. Disrespectful men: Disrespectful men to your family member and yourself. A man who can insult your parents or other members of your family will also insult you one day in public because of the lack of respect. Some disrespectful manners are caused by the low quality of education from family or schools. That’s why you should take it seriously the choice as it determines your success. It is difficult to be very successful with certain kinds of people around you, therefore, you need to discipline yourself by avoiding certain people with certain behavior.
  11. Infidelity Men: All the types of men listed above constitute the infidelity men, this means when you observe the men who are infidels in their relationship they have one or more of the problems listed above about the kind of men to avoid. Infidelity men kill, weaken, destroy a woman physically, emotionally, therefore, make it difficult to achieve the ambitions of your life. infidelity men will make women vulnerable in most of the time to many immorality life causes by the fact they will need to feel secure while very weak, affected by the loss of hope. Infidelity in men is unpredictable by observing the types of men problems listed above it helps a woman to reduce the chance of getting an infidel man and the worst if he is irresponsible that will kill easily the woman ambition and make it very difficult to be a successful woman. Women usually get lost with the first impression of men which is always a mask hiding the real person that’s why responsible women have to take time observing the kind of men to consider when deciding about marriage.
  12. Insecure Men: The types of men who feel insecure about women have extreme jealousy they believe that if you are absent you are with other men, they have minor trust on you when outside and in most cases, there are very complex about you when getting more money than them with the pretext of thinking that the women will dominate the men that is why it very difficult to accomplish big ambitions in life around this kind of men, they will not make a peaceful environment in the house for the women. So observe this fact when you have big ambitions to accomplish in your life by choosing the right people around you who can help and support you in everything you undertake.
  13. Secretive Men: The type of men who do not share their life problems and other experiences with you maybe because they do not trust you or they can not share with you as they are cheating on you brief the consideration of the relation is very low, they are playing with you may be, or they do not share with you for the simple reason to fear you destroy or betrayed them.
  14. Lazy Men: Type of men who do not like to work and support their family instead they concentrate more on games or alcohol. Men who want women to work for him and support them which is the inverse way of the logic, usually men work and bring food home not otherwise, we do not exclude the fact that women can support the family by bringing additional food at home too.

This article is an open mind to women and helps men to understand their problems which affect women’s life. By reading, women will be able to detect the type of men they are dealing with and see if they can help them change and perfect their life. This article also helps women make a good choice while thinking about getting married. We hope we had added value to your decision in life and we invite you to read the type of women to never married as this will help you fix also problems on your side as women and be successful.