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How To Register A Company In Congo DRC

Register A Company In Congo DRC

Register A Company In Congo DRC

To register a company in congo is now easier than it was before.

As every countries have different laws and some other ways of doing things.

The DRC has adopted an unique place or service to register a company in congo DRC. At this moment unfortunately you may not register a company online only manually this means going to one of the offices representative.

The unique place or service to register a company in congo DRC is called quichet unique.

To register a company in congo as foreigners you need:

  • Passport
  • The current visa (It’s doesn’t matter which kind of visa you have, they need to make sure you legally entered the country).
  • The Business status (usually you details your business here, the nature of your businnes, share holders distribution if they are any, fund or capital money or asset you are starting the investment with). A notary  need to be involved.
  • Few additional documents maybe needed to complet and submit at the quichet unique.
  • Proof of residence (Adresses)

Drc business

These are basically what they will need at guichet unique to process your company creation.

Cost of registration

Depending on your status or size of your company just registration fee to the guichet unique 80$ usd plus some additional fee which can take to plus or mince 150$ usd this should be considered the maximun you can spend for registration. Bear this in mind this fees consist of creating a company in congo DRC but there are other cost you should expect for licences depending on the sectors of investment if in mining for more acurate information about mining licence visit the official gouvernement mining site

Processing time

In most cases you should expect from 3 days to 10 days we highly recommand to well prepare the required documents to avoid delays.

Who can submit

  • Yourself if you are sure you have time and confortable to do it.
  • You can also ask someone you know to do it for you.
  • We recommand to use an agency to help you to avoid more stress and delays agencies like accountant agents, consultants and lawyers cabinet.

Which Documents do you get after all process

  • RCCM
  • ID
  • Status
  • Impot number
  • INSS Number
  • Onem Number

These documents will be needed to open a bank accounts or applying for credit to the banks. Find out which banks actively give credits in congo