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Napoleon Hill (Think And Grow Rich): Few instructions To Success In Business

Napoleon Hill Think And Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill Think And Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill shares steps to success in the book “Think And Grow Rich”.

Napoleon Hill was one of the best Americans author who changed people’s lives from the successful book “Think And Grow Rich” about principal steps to success in business. The best seller who led millions of people to success.

Few instructions will lead you to success according to Napoleon Hill in the book “Think And Grow Rich”.

  1. Define the exact amount you desire:

    This instruction is pushing to think about what you desire to achieve, specify the amount you desire to invest, and what you expect to gain.

    Brief to define your success (goals and mission).

    It is not enough to say you want to be rich or you want to get money, everyone wants of course.

    If I am telling you that I have some problems to sort out now please give me money or some money, what will you ask me back?

    In my knowledge, you will ask me how much?

    Because you assume I know how much I need to sort out my problems even if I don’t know how much exactly but I must be able to estimate how much I need for my problems or desires.

    Here are some examples of how you can define your desires in business for success,

    ex: you will say on a monthly basis you have to get 1000$, 5000$ or 10000$, etc.

    This will push you to think about how to achieve your desire.

    Precision in your desire will lead you to success.

  2. Value-added to others:

    Here Napoleon Hill in the book “Think And Grow Rich” makes us understand that to get what you desire in business, you have to offer something which adds value to your target people.

    This refers to your services or products you are selling.

    As you know your desires you need to think carefully about the products or services to add value to others so that it can be a benefit to you, more value to others, good revenue to you.

    In life as in business think first on giving, the fact of giving more will help you get more in any other way.

    Giving is not only about money, in life is about assistance in any way possible another person may need you,

    in business is about the quality of services, the clients’ services care and effort in the satisfaction of your clients.

    This instruction is the base of your success in the business.

  3. Timing is very important:

    You need to instruct your mind the time you desire to get or achieve your goals because you will work accordingly.

    You can see that in universities they always set a time for exams no matter how big is the subject just instruct the mind of students to work with a time set even if the university will postpone the exam dates students would have worked according to that date.

    Observe in your area or work if you do not set time or date to achieve your desires you will end up not doing anything.

    For your goals to be a priority you have to set a limited time so that your mind works according to the time set.

  4. Planning is powerful in success:

    Wise people said “plan does not fail but people fail to plan”.

    In life or business, planning is the key to success and the mind instruction to success.

    What do you plan in the business plan?

    This is the reason that Napoleon Hill started the instructions with things you need to plan in the business plan in order to materialize the instructions you gave to your brain and therefore materialize success.

    Planning is the key to success that is why it always a good idea to develop a business plan for the short and long term success.

    Planning help you think deeply about your business for all aspects and discover the pro & cons, analyze and put in place strategies to achieve your goals, target, timing, etc.

  5. Writing down new ideas:

    Even after you have a business plan new ideas will come from new opportunities or experience during the time you run your business if you do not write down you will not be able to think deeply about the new ideas or opportunities and you will also end up to forget about that.

  6. Read more often:

    Read more often what you wrote down to refresh the ideas in your brain and dream more about them so that you can be stimulated to start implementing in your business.

    These were some of the principal instructions by Napoleon Hill which will lead you to success and many people who read the book “Think And Grow Rich” have testified about their success.

A quick summary of principles by Napoleon Hill “Think And Grow Rich”

  • Desire: All achievement starting point, this is the first step in the journey of becoming riches. Most people will know what they desire but difficult to know the way to get it. Your brilliant desire is a picture in mind of what you will become one day if you persevere toward the achievement of your desire.
  • Faith: belief in what you desire to achieve in your life, faith will give you a positive attitude and the courage to persevere.
  • Auto Suggestion: the subconscious mind will put at work what you think or suggest yourself every time and start to find ways to get you there. Autosuggestion will be accessed in quiet time perhaps in bed or other quiet places like in your office, etc.
  • Specialized Knowledge: Knowledge is key and power to transform your world, it is giving you the ability to make plans and action them.
  • Imagination: Whatever the mind can conceive and you believe, it can be achieved. Everything that exists today started in the mind of someone.
  • Decision: The ability to make a good decision on time, a decision is the go-ahead starting point, this is when you tell your brain I start and in your mind, things start running.