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Make Money On YouTube 2021

Make Money On YouTube 2021

Make Money On YouTube 2021

Make money on youtube is another way to get a lot of money in these days.

How to make a lot of money online

youtube belongs to google so works similarly this means it will not be immediately you need to work hard to make it valuable.

Step by step to make money on youtube

  1. Gmail Account
  2. Create a youtube channel
  3. Create Adsense Account

To start making money you have to meet the youtube partner programs conditions 1000 subscribers and 4000 public hours.

1000 subscribers are the number of people who have found your channel and click on the subscribe button to be your follower, youtube required you to have atleast 1000 subscribers to qualify for the youtube partner programs.

The 4000 public hours are the number time views staying at channel or videos watching so in minutes is 4000 multiply by 60 equals 240000 minute of watching videos on your channels.

These are the main conditions to qualify for the youtube partner programs and the rest is to follow their policy.