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Lubumbashi The Town Which Attract Foreigners For Its Mines Sites Around 2020 [ DRC Business]

Lubumbashi DRC Congo

Lubumbashi DRC Congo

Lubumbashi city is a town in DRC Congo which attract many foreigners investors because of its mines carriers sites around the city and also the presence of many consulates in the province like consulate of belgium, italy, south africa and more.

Some mines sites can even be very far from lubumbashi town but most of investors will be staying in lubumbashi city and travel regularly to the mines sites.

Questions we always received from people;

Is Lubumbashi Safe?

Lubumbashi is safe that is why there are many foreigners investors.

Well the answers need to clearly explain you about lubumbashi safety.

It is true the most recent reports on the news or from difference sources they mentioned about insecurity in general in the city. but one thing to know there are always areas where there are much activities of insecurity but some areas never been affected.

So the reality is that they are good areas in the city where it is safe to stay especially when you are foreigners and even a certain level of life as a citizen you would not want to stay in any areas where all the people of low level of life stay.

In my opinion lubumbashi is a safe place for both foreigners and citizens only live a good life with morality and stay in good areas you will see that the city is a good place and safe.

Is it the richest city in the country of congo

Lubumbashi is one among the richest city in the country and it’s also the hub of many mining companies in DRC congo.

The entire province of Katanga which is divided now into two provinces the haut katanga and haut lomami (the urban town is kolwezi).

The entire province of katanga has a high presence of cobalt and copper.

We also have some of the biggest national parks kundelungu and upemba.

The city has many government institutions which make more active the town and high presence of investors. the town promote small business investment and encourage entrepreneurs to start business in this town. you can get more details on how to register a company in congo DRC.

As entrepreneurs you need more business ideas to help you focus on what you can create for business and grow quickly.

To enrich your business mind consisder to read the article: how to make money in congo DRC legally.

This article will give you ideas of sectors that work or have more business opportunities based on the reality in the country like under developping country or what missing. if you need to discuss with us about any business aspects you are welcome to contact us.

One thing for sure any entrepreneurs in any sectors will be able to get what to do without high competition as the market are still opened.

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