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Johannesburg South Africa The Good And Bad Side 2020 [ DRC Business]

Johannesburg south africa the biggest city in africa 2020

Johannesburg south africa the biggest city in africa 2020

Johannesburg south africa is one among the biggest city in africa and the economic capital of south africa, some other names jozi, the City of Gold, or ‘eGoli’, joburg, Mzansi etc.

The city has the largest international airport called OR Tambo.

OR Tambo is one of the biggest and busiest international airport in africa which has over 21 million travellers annually this shows that the city has more visitors either for tourism or business.

Johannesburg south africa has a reputation of high rate of crime, the city has good side and the bad side, consider good side as positive side or all good things you may find in the city and the bad side is the negative side all bad things you may find in the city.

Is it safe or dangerous to travel to Johannesburg south africa?

Johannesburg is safe when you know places to go and it is very dangerous to walk anywhere anytime especially when you are foreigners because the robbers will easily know that you are foreigners they assume that they have money or things that they can still from them.

Robbers might detect that you are a foreigner by your language if you are speaking french, portuguese or even english with a foreign accent. Also the wearing style might easily show them you are foreigners so it is always good idea to wear the same style as most south african while in certain areas where crime and robbery happened all the time.

The wearing style is always different like the way people from DRC wear is different from south african.

Avoid to wear expensive jewelry in certain areas they can even kill you to take them.

Read some guidelines before travelling to this city, you will know and be prepare to some bad activities.

Johannesburg south africa is one among the most beautiful cities in the world and probably number one in africa but people never been comfortable in many areas this is one of the bad side.

Language Spoken In Johannesburg

18% English, 24% Sotho,  32% Nguni, 6%  Tshivenda, 7%  Afrikaans and other.

The city has many attractive places for tourism, a list of famous places will help you plan to visit the places.

1. The Lion Park

Location: Hartbeespoort, Broederstroom

Lion Park is a conservation for lions of different categories, cheetahs, wild dogs , hyena and various antelope.

2. Gold Reef City

Location: Northern Parkway, Johannesburg

3. Market Theatre

Location: Newtown, Johannesburg

4. Mandela House

Location: 8115 Ngakane St & Vilakazi St, Johannesburg

5. The Apartheid Museum

Location: Ormonde, Johannesburg

6. Wits Art Museum

Location: braamfontein, Johannesburg

7. SAB World of Beer

Location: Newtown, Johannesburg

8. Mary Fitzgerald Square

9. Zoo Lake

10. The Maboneng Precinct

11. Constitution Hill

12. Museum of Military History

13. Lindfield Victorian House Museum

14. Holy Hill

15. Pilanesberg National Park

Johannesburg south africa is a city like other big cities where you can find good things and bad so the bad side of johannesburg is the high rate of crime, robbery etc. and the good thing can be observed on the business side. the city offers many business opportunities in many sectors.