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Congo Kinshasa Rich Country But Poor Population 2020 [ DRC Business]

Congo Kinshasa Rich Country But Poor Population

Congo Kinshasa Rich Country But Poor Population

Congo Kinshasa is a very rich country which has almost every minerals you can find in the all world.

Some mines can only be found in this country in high quantity. But what is the reality in congo kinshasa, the population in very poor, this is a high level of stinginess from the government authorities.

Let us first tell you why the country is called congo kinshasa

There are two countries called congo so to differentiate them we add the names of thier capitale therefore congo kinshasa and the other one congo brazzaville.

Other names differentiate them too, for congo kinshasa ( the democratic republic of congo, DRC also in french republique democratique du congo, RDC) and for congo brazzaville (the republic of congo or la republique du congo).

This article is about congo kinshasa rich country but the population very poor what causes this fact:

There many facts which are responsible of the situation for poverty of the population but the number one responsible is the government authorities incompetence and stinginess.

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Let us name few facts which deeper the poverty of congolese population:

  1. Corruption Imagine a country where corruption is not a taboo anymore. Everyone is either actors or victims of corruption in DRC. What is worse the authorities made themselves available for corruption therefore a pre-required condition to get an approval or support from the government if you are not willing to do so it will be very difficult to work for you normally or even access some ministers department. Here you are forced to do what is wrong or see what is wrong and keep quiet and sometime influence what is wrong just because you are corrupted. If i can rate the level of corruption in congo really not less than 80% in my opinion. The new government are trying very hard to fight against corruption and stop many anti values.
  2. Toxic Tribalism Unconscious Behavior and Attitudes. Tribalism is destroying congo as it is privileging anti values for the country. Many public companies and government ministries have a high rate of toxic tribalism where the ministers, CEO or managers always want to privilege people from their tribes regardless of competency, our analysis shows that even in the low level of opportinuties people tend to privilege their own tribes. Even to inform other people about a job opportunity, tribalism plays a big role. In many provinces of congo its difficult for a person from a tribe of different provinces to get a job in the public companies especially those who depend on the province. Even the mining companies sometimes are influenced by local or national authorities. to get a job does not depend on skills or competency but the tribe privilege in the company.

Many facts explain the poverty of congolese population but the country itself is very rich beside minerals resources, fertile land and rivers and so on.

If we could exchange our country with the USA, canada, china or the other so called developped countries for five to ten years congo will be 10 times more developped than it is now.

This is just to mean congo kinshasa is very rich only anti values keep the country behind.