October 6, 2022

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Congo Airways Destinations And Promotions

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Congo airways is a congolese airline company with the head office

in the capitale of the democratic republic of congo (Kinshasa).

Congo Airways is a gouvernent company and was created on the 15th of august in 2014

Congo airways facilitate the movements and business in DRC

Congo airways destinations

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Arrivals to Kinshasa the capital of the democratic republic of congo from;

  • Lubumbashi (Lubumbashi International Airport (CD)) mondays at 08: 50′
  • Kisangani (Bangoka International Airport (CD)) mondays at 14:45′
  • Lubumbashi (Lubumbashi International Airport (CD)) tuesdays at 09: 20′
  • Goma (Goma Airport (CD)) tuesdays at 17:30′
  • Lubumbashi (Lubumbashi International Airport (CD)) Wednesdays at 09: 20′ and 20:15′; Thursdays at 09:20′ and 12h40′
  • Kisangani (Bangoka International Airport (CD)) Thursdays at 14:15′ and 15h00′
  • Goma (Goma Airport (CD)) Thursdays at 19:20′ and Fridays at 14h10′
  • Lubumbashi (Lubumbashi International Airport (CD)) Saturdays at 10: 20′
  • Mbandaka (Mbandaka Airport (CD)) Saturdays at 13h40′
  • Lubumbashi (Lubumbashi International Airport (CD)) Sundays at 08: 50′
  • Goma (Goma Airport (CD)) Sundays at 15:30′

Airports nationals

The Congo DRC has both internationals and nationals airports which serve as the airplanes port of entries in provinces and the country.

Congo airways hub
  • N’djili internationale airport also called kinshasa international airport which serves as the airplane entry of Kinshasa the capital city of the democratic republic of Congo and it is the largest airport of the four internationals airports of Congo DRC. N’djili is the hub airport of congo airways
  • Lubumbashi International Airport or Luano International Airport is the airport serving as airplanes entry from internationals and nationals flights. Lubumbashi International Airport is the second bussiest airport of Congo and located in southern of the country in haut katanga.
  • Bangoka International Airport is the airport serving kinsangani province and internationals flights

More other domestics airports where Congo Airways lands

  • Goma Airport: the airport is serving goma province the east of Congo.
  • Gemena Airport : the airport is serving the South Ubangi District which is a province of Congo DRC and the capital is Gemena of the South Ubangi District
  • Mbandaka Airport: the airport serving in Mbandaka
  • Mbuji mayi airport: serving as the airplane entry to mbuji mayi
  • Kananga airport: serving the kananga province as airplanes entries.
  • Kindu airport: serving the kindu in the maniema province.
  • Kolwezi airport: serving kolwezi in the lualaba province.

Congo Airways Contacts

Congo airways head office is in kinshasa at No 130, boulevard du 30 Juin.

They have many regionale offices like in lubumbashi avenue laurent desire kabila corner avenue lomami reference sofibanque.