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Chinese In Africa: Secrets of Success (Chinese, Lebanese, Indian)

Chinese In Africa drc business

Chinese In Africa drc business

Chinese in Africa are successful and very rich.

Few top nations who are very remarkable in Africa are Chinese, Lebanese, and Indians, more other nations are also present.

Here we would like to let you understand the secrets of success in Africa for these people Chinese, Lebanese, and Indians.

What are the success secrets for Chinese in africa

This is the question to ask ourselves why a massive presence of Chinese, Lebanese, and Indians in Africa while we all know about their countries more developed than many countries in Africa.

Africa has a status of under developing continents because of almost all the countries are underdeveloped.

These people are very smart in catching opportunities wherever possible, they do not limit themselves to their countries or do not have more conditions to use the best opportunities, they do not give opportunities the chance to disappear before they benefit from it.

Chinese people take the risk and do not fear or bring into consideration more problems that we can find in Africa.

All they do is to catch opportunities and work on how to go on it with the risk or difficulties they can find on their way.

Here are 6 secrets of success or fundemental aspect from chinese in africa:

  1. Chinese in Africa do not come to look for a job but to do business:

    Chinese come to Africa to do business in other words Chinese, Lebanese and Indians come to Africa to make money.

    With this mindset, they always think about what kind of business they will do when in Africa, in most cases they come poor, make money in Africa, and send the money in their country to their families.

    What to observe in these people is that they are united as one people, there are communities for these people everywhere in Africa with the objective to support their people.

    Unlikely for the majority of Africans who go to Europe or America to look for jobs and any jobs just to support themselves.

    Now if you compare these two categories of people, the first category the Chinese, Lebanese and Indians; and the second the Africans you will be able to understand that to be successful and be rich is first of all your mindset not where you go or the place you want to go.

    Chinese, Lebanese, and Indians travel to Africa with the specific objective to do a particular business but the Africans go to look for any jobs just to survive,

    This difference in mindset shows why the Chinese and others are more successful and rich than Africans.

    The few Africans who can think business in most cases there are thinking to do business in Africa only while there in Europe and this is not that because they love Africa but they think that they are not able to do where they are like in Europe or America but only in Africa.

    This causes little difficulties since most of Africans in Europe or America do not want to come back and live in Africa.

    In this article, we encourage Africans to be entrepreneurs where there are, just think high, and catch the opportunities without fear to go ahead.

  2. They are inhabited by the mentality of the traveler:

    Travelers are in warrior mode of life, they have in mind hard work to survive for all costs.

    Travel helps people to develop a fast way of thinking.

    In most cases, you will realize that those who live outside their native places or have traveled will have more initiative by consequence more money than those who do not travel.

    To be successful required courage, to be a warrior as life is a war with an unknown reality of life where you have to win to be a successful person travels open mind and is like a tool that helps you take advantage of the war.

    Travel does not mean only when you travel to Europe that fact of changing from your community to another, leaving your people to live with other people, from village to town, from your province to another or from your country to another one.

    That movement always adds something new to mentality or life.

    Travelers in most cases they have a determination and courage to succeed, success requires more determination and courage as these give a person high energy to work hard and therefore achieve goals.

  3. Chinese, Lebanese and Indians are united in Africa:

    Many nationalities in the world are very united when they live outside their origin countries but the way to be united is always different as we can not compare the way Chinese are united and the way Congolese are united.

    The difference resides on the level of assistance and the willingness to see your brother flourish, this mentality is very high in Chinese, Lebanese and Indian; in contrary to black African communities is characterized by the low level of assistance that may be caused by the low level of Africans countries.

    Black African communities have a high level of social life but do not necessarily push up the development of the people as it is more about assisting people in basic needs of life like foods and other basic needs to live.

    Black people are very limited in thinking and like to be the only one star in the community so everyone will know them how they are successful, dominate others, and more visible to others as rich people.

    Chinese, Lebanese and Indian have an open entrepreneurs mind and good leadership of thinking to help their brothers, the rich Chinese, Lebanese, Indians will create a business and will extend his business by helping also other Chinese, Lebanese, Indians like in South Africa Chinese have a mall or market place called china city mall which is for some riches Chinese and they give to more Chinese the shops and they supply them products to sell so that at the end of the day the riches Chinese win and the other Chinese also benefit more and have real financial freedom.

    Lebanese in congo and other countries like Senegal, cote ivory they are very implicated in the business what is good with them you will see that a Lebanese newly come in the country will work for the Lebanese and after few months that newly come will open his own shop or other business assisted by the Lebanese who welcome them, in other words, a boss assisted his employee the become boss.

    Many riches Indians have created the business in South Africa give to other Indians franchises so this is the high level of leadership and unity in the people.

  4. They bring different ideas:

    Travelers bring more ideas and get more ideas as they meet different people especially in Africa they are very remarkable by the race and also because they bring jobs so the fact that they are more brilliants in business they become very powerful and needed in Africa.

    Chinese, Lebanese and Indians have a business perspective while traveling but Africans have tourism look this mean Chinese, Lebanese and Indians will come with a business plan and will look around to develop other business on-site in contrary with Africans they are more tourists taking pictures in nice places but not really developing the business mind to learn from the country or people they meet.

  5. Chinese, Lebanese and Indians invest in Africa despite the problems that exist in these countries:

    Yes Chinese, Lebanese and Indians do business even in the village where there is no electricity, no good internet, no good roads but they are making a lot of money in these place that seems to be bad for Africans themselves.

    This is the strength of these people who can not be stopped by some obstacles when they see opportunities, they are determined and have the courage to make it wherever it takes them to do business.

  6. Chinese, Lebanese and Indians invest in well-defined sectors:

    They do not invest in anything, they invest with precision in well-defined sectors like mining sectors, manufacturing, wholesalers, etc.

    This is another strength in Chinese, Lebanese, and Indian for knowing and mastered the sectors they invested in.

This article invite Africans to develop a business mindset and also have the determination and courage to start a business wherever possible not in Africa only, if you are in Europe or America you can also start a business there as Chinese, Lebanese and Indians go everywhere do business.

The reason why the Europeans, Americans, or other developed countries easily reject visa application for Africans because they go there to look for jobs and these countries have to protect their people in contrary they easily give approval to chinese, Lebanese, and indians just because they know that they will create jobs not looking for jobs.

The same problem in South Africa which even create a tension of xenophobia other Africans go to South Africa to look for jobs and this fact has revolted citizen as they realized that the Africans foreigners get more jobs for any conditions and in this confusion they have started to attack Africans foreigners shops and people to manifest their anger and revendication.

The lessons are to highly motivate African travelers to develop the business mindset so that they can make a lot of money and add value to that country like the case of Chinese, Lebanese, and Indians.

Most countries do not cause problems to give them a business visa as they have that reputation of businessmen in the world.

Some African nations have already developed a business mindset like Nigerians, Ethiopians, etc.

Ex: Ethiopians and Nigerians are big businessmen in the centrale of Johannesburg and very united. assist each other.

They own many wholesaler shops and other few business in south africa.