October 7, 2022

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Business Ideas In Africa For Low Investment | DRC Business

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Business Ideas In Africa

Business ideas in africa for low investment is the ideas many people are looking for, as in africa many people have the problem of sufficient capital.

We have selected the top best business ideas in africa congo or best business opportunities to start in the continent.

starting up a business does not necessarily mean
that you must have an office space
and a large number of people to work for you,

Business Ideas

with the emergence and evolution of technology
you alone can start your business with your mobile device
and internet connection and from the comfort of your home

thus you do not have to gather
a large amount of money to be an entrepreneur
you can be a solopreneur.

in today’s article we will be sharing with you 19 business ideas in africa
that you can start today if you’re an entrepreneur
or an ambitious person.

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19 business ideas in africa which you can start today

1. Virtual Assistant Business ideas in africa

Virtual Assistant business ideas in africa
Virtual Assistant business ideas in africa

This involves being responsible for various services
like emailing scheduling and social media management
for organizations professionals or individuals interestingly.

A virtual assistant can work remotely from any location
and may choose to work at leisure.

2. e-commerce Business opportunity in africa

e-commerce business opportunity in africa

Seller instead of having a physical store
you can sell online and turn your room to your warehouse

the key to being a successful e-commerce seller is
how you market your products

Many e-commerce traders sell different products
while some others focus on some particular products
and target specific individuals.

3. solo bookkeeper Business ideas in africa

solo bookkeeper Business opportunity
solo bookkeeper Business opportunity

A solo bookkeeper is a person skilled in calculation
and accounting and keeps the financial records
of other solo entrepreneurs
or small-scale businesses

bookkeeping is a particularly lucrative venture
because many companies prefer to outsource
for external bookkeepers to free their time
and because they are more skilled in that aspect

to be a good bookkeeper you must possess good organizational skill.

4. Life coach Business opportunity

life coach Business opportunity
life coach Business opportunity

To start up in life coaching you don’t need lots of business experience
you however have to specialize in one aspect where you are an expert

it can be nutrition parenting personal relationships
or even home organization

as a life coach you need to be a good listener
and problem solver and you must be ready
to keep other people’s secrets.

5. ebook Business opportunity

ebook Business opportunity in africa
ebook Business opportunity

Author gone are those days
when your budget has to be massive for you to publish a book

these days many people are opting for ebooks
and so you can produce ebooks on any subject with little
or no cost and sell them on platforms like amazon goodreads etc

6. Freelance writer Business opportunity

Freelance writer Business opportunity
Freelance writer Business opportunity

People need writers for various kinds of reasons
if your dream is to become a full-time freelance writer
there are endless opportunities for you on platforms

like guru true lancer fever etc

7. An essayist a copywriter or even a business proposal writer

business proposal writer
business proposal writer

There is a place for you to fit in both online
and offline seven sell online courses well

why should you withhold your knowledge
in a particular subject when you can actually pass it to others

and also make a few bucks from it if you don’t want to write a book
or a blog you should at least sell a course many people are willing to pay
to learn new stuff from the comfort of their home

your session can be on anything from how to train a pet
to how to manage a social media account

however if you want to grow you must specialize in an area

8. Public relations Business opportunity

Public relations Business opportunity
Public relations Business opportunity

If you have a knack for creating exciting press packages
then you should start up a business in public relations

this entails promoting a personal brand pr can be done both online
or offline to be a successful pr you must be astute
and well informed you must also have the tactfulness

to handle people and dramatic situations.

9. Freelance journalism Business opportunity

Freelance journalism Business opportunity

Although there are no formal ways to start up
with this getting started requires specific skills
and expertise such as creative thinking writing

and a bit of video coverage optional
you can take some free online courses of english journalism

and other online courses on sites like feature writing edx etc
to get started target suitable publications online

and offline and reach out to them with accurate
and captivating information remember
to start with small organizations.

10. Event photographer Business Ideas In Africa

Event photographer Business Ideas In Africa
Event photographer Business Ideas In Africa

Photography is an added area that lends itself
to solopreneurship you can focus on photographing events

like weddings allowing you to manage
all aspects of your business on your own
and receive payments in exchange for your services.

11. Stock Photographer Business opportunity

You can also take photos of beautiful shapes
and patterns or even surreal events
and then place them for sale on stock photo websites

such as pinterest shutter stock etc
where people can pay to get them.

12. Web designer Business opportunity

Websites design is in high demand as businesses are clamoring to go global
many businesses that already have websites still use old and slow codes
while others do not have responsive sites

as much being skilled in writing codes is an opportunity for you
to make money also web design has been made more accessible
by sites like wordpress and wix

and you can now design websites even without codes.

13. Logo designer Business opportunity

An excellent solopreneur business is to create unique
and practical logos as a logo designer

you can put up gigs on freelance platforms
and bid for deals there is a high demand for logos

since many business owners especially startups are beginning
to see its essence you can start by using canva
and then move to other advanced packages
like adobe coreldraw etc

14. Translator Business opportunity

If you are fluent in more than one language local or international
you can start a business as a freelance or contract translator
for desired clients who may be individuals or other business owners

you can also work remotely from companies
like on hire sign django text master etc.

15. baking Business ideas in africa

trying to run an entire bakery on your own could be a tricky enterprise
however you can develop a bakery business as a solupreneur
where you bake foods such as donuts cakes

and even bread right in your kitchen for events
or on a wholesale basis to other local big shops

16. Podcast Business opportunity

With a few tools like your smartphone and a microphone
and an application like an encore you will be able to start up
a potentially profitable podcasting business podcasting
commonly refers to online radio if you can develop an interest

in a particular niche and consistently brand your episodes
your fuller base will increase through that you can make money

from various sources like advertising affiliate marketing etc

17. App developer Business opportunity

The fun part about building applications is that
you can do it from any part of the world
just like web designers you can use other softwares

such as game salad and app maker to build your applications
without prior knowledge of coding as an app developer

you can make money through physical purchase
and merchandise advertising downloads etc

18. Point of sales pos Business opportunity

Terminal pos is an electronic device used
to process card payments at retail locations

this machine is much easier to own than an atm
you can start as a solopreneur by acquiring

this machine and placing it in a strategic position
when people are too lazy to go to the bank

or during weekends or when the atm is short on fund
people can come to you to make transactions for a fee.

19. Tutor Business opportunity

A tutor can be online or offline as an offline tutor
you can either have students attend your classes

or provide home lessons in the online world
you can either use sites like check tutors study draft
happy tutors body school etc

to connect you with potential clients
or to promote your classes and teach online

it will interest you to know that many big business brands
today started with solopreneurship

one of which is ebay founder pierre omider don’t get worked out
in an attempt to start too big start as a solution

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i’ve seen some of the investments to start a credit repair business,
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the next thing is tutoring
you want to definitely look into tutoring
the thing about tutoring that i’m loving right now

is that tutoring can be tutoring for a specific subject
but more so what people are needing help with
is how to work some of these online platforms

and how to make sure children are turning in their assignments
and they’re doing the things that the teachers need them to do
and also training the parents so parents know how to work with

some of these online programs how are they supposed to be checking
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so it’s definitely something you want to look into
and the great thing about being a tutor is that
for those of you who are local to some schools

you can probably get a contract with the school and or this city
so it’s definitely something you want to look into.

the next thing that you want to look into you is coaching
We are all for coaching fitness coaching life coaching dating
coaching is a phenomenon right now for those of you who do not know

I am also a coach, a fitness coach in particular
and fitness has blown me up.

Business ideas in africa with low investment to start with little money there are many but we have selected some of them to share with you in this article. You may find more articles to read about Business ideas in africa that work very well in DRC Congo and anywhere else probably.