October 6, 2022

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Agriculture In Congo DRC Best Business Opportunity

Agriculture in congo DRC

Agriculture in congo DRC

Agriculture in congo DRC is the best business opportunity to consider while thinking on what to do or invest in DRC.

Agriculture in congo DRC is one among the principal main economic activities of the country and it is an important aspect of potential development.

The general point of view about agriculture in congo drc

The agriculture in congo drc support more than half of the population. The production is not growing since independence.

The principals crops are maize, cassava, yam, rice and banana plantain.

Congo DRC does not suffer with the Drought, the land is very fertile for vegetation but facing a big problem of transportation, The system of transportation is very poor in congo.

The land usage for agriculture in congo DRC

The total dimension of the country is 2 344 860 km2 .

Arable land permanent crops 1.1 million hectares and (meadows, temporary fallow, temporary crops) represented 6.7 million hectares,

or a cultivated area of 7.8 million hectares which is more or less 3% of the all country dimension).

However, some analysts think the potential cultivable land in

the democratic republic of congo between 80 and 120 million hectares which only 10% is exploited.

These no exploited lands interest or attract the lust of investors foreign countries.

Al Gore is refering to a repport by Rights and Resources Initiative,

Congo DRC has an agreements with foreign investors owners (states or companies) to sell pratically 48.8% of its cultivable land.

The forest area covers approximately 1 280 043 km2 (55%) of the territory.

However, the practice of burning agriculture and shifting slash , is very common in traditional way agriculture,

This fact would cause to lose practically 500,000 hectares of forest annually.

Cultivated land in congo DRC

The perennial crops or land devoted annually represents only 3.5% of the all country.

Agriculture consist of two basic sectors:

Commercial activities, oriented to exportation of plantations.

Subsistence activities, which engage the large majority of the workforce .

Subsistence farming in congo

Subsistence farming is about 4 million families over the plots for an average of 1.6 hectares area,

In general little bigger in the savannah than in the rainforest are Subsistence agriculture in congo mainly produces maize, cassava, sorghum and tubers.

In 2004, food production in DRC consisted of 1,787,000 tonnes of sugar cane, 14,950,000 tonnes of cassava, 1,155,000 tonnes of corn, 364,000 tonnes of beans, 315,000 tonnes of rice and 1,120,000 tonnes of peanuts.

In 2004, sweet potatoes 224,500 tonnes, plantains totaled 1,199,000 tonnes, bananas 313,000 tonnes, pineapples 193,000 tonnes and yams 84,000 tonnes.

The production is very insufficient to meet the need of the population that is why many basic food products are imported.

Commercial agriculture was disrupted by civil unrest engulfed the country within 1960 and 1967, and the production fell again cause of the nationalization of small plantations which was under foreign control in 1973-1974.

In 1990, production of the principal cash crops in the democratic republic of congo (cocoa, coffee, tea, rubber, palm oil) mainly returned to the private sector.

There are about 300,000 commercial farmers in DRC with farms of 12 to 250 hectares.

Coffee Agriculture In Congo DRC

Coffee is the congo DRC’s third exportation product which is after copper and crude oil but the first agricultural product exported in agriculture .

In 2004 It was estimated that 33,000 tonnes were produced (compared the production in 1989 and 1991 an average of 97,000 tonnes);

80 percents of the production are from the provinces of Equateur , Kivu and Haut-Congo.

Robusta coffee production represents 10 to 15% of current production. Coffee from DRC are mainly exported to France, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium.

Rubber Produuction in Congo

Rubber is the 4eme agriculture product for export in congo DRC.

The Plantation are slowly recovering caused by nationalization.

More plantations for the first time are being replanted currently.

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