October 7, 2022

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10 Things To Do In Life Before 35 Years Old

10 Best South Africa Business Ideas

10 Best South Africa Business Ideas

10 things to do in life before 35 years old, this makes the article to be more for young people under 35 years old or even those who are more than 35 years old to validate these 10 things.

One of african proverbs say “an old man seated can see very far than a young standing” and another one “an old man standing can see very far than an old man seated”.

Some people despite the number of years they remained the same, they do not improve their lives and behaviour. People who have passed their 30 years or 40 years but still behave like adolescents.

After you have read this article you will test yourself if the 10 things to do in life before 35 years old applied to your life or if you did not know now you know.

The 10 Things To Do In Life will help you understand what to do to improve your life.

Here are the 10 things to do in life before 35 years old

  1. Impossible to please everyone:

    You are not able to please everyone in life,

    many people failed in life just because they want to please everyone.

    You can not know everyone and everyone can not know you.

    This will always affect your choice in life, before 35 years you need to make good choices to succeed.

    Many parents in Africa mislead youngs people because they do not know the difference between advice and order,

    the parents usually impose therefore abuse their power.

    This concludes that if you want to please everyone you will easily fail in your life just because different people think differently and in some cases,

    some people want to accomplish what they did not accomplish in their life regardless of your choices.

    Make your choice and work hard for you and please you first.

    This is an example of the situation where you want to please people or even your parents let say your parents want you to mary a certain lady they think she is perfect for you while the reality is,

    they want that lady because she is a family best friend’s daughter or based on tribes, racism or any other anti-values the relationship will have a lot of consequences than if you chose yourself your lady the one you feel in love.

    Parents or friends should be there for advising you not imposing you, especially where you do not feel anything for the lady.

  2. Choose good companions and separate from bad ones:

    People around you will always impact your life in one way or another.

    If you are around rich people you will easily have the chance to become rich and the opposite will always affect you as well.

    This is the reality in life, people who surround us will always impact our lives in many things so choose good companions in life to increase the chances of success.

    They say the five people you spend time with mostly will determine your attitude in life.

    We are all influenceable somewhere in life that is why wise people recommend you to choose or select only quality people who will influence only their qualities to you.

  3. Money is very important:

    We all need money in life that is why we have to learn to manage the money by using it properly.

    We live in a world where everything is payable.

    We pay from birth to death so money is part of our life before 35 years old you need to do good use of it.

    Money is very precious that is why you can not abuse it or overspend to through it.

    So work hard to get money and use it wisely, do not want to get easy money you will lose it easily.

    Your finance status, This depends on how you use money because money is the key to everything you need to undertake.

  4. The responsibility:

    You are the number one responsible of your life, before 35 years old you need to take your responsibility to succeed in life,

    people around are just helping you to succeed but if yourself you do not take that responsibility it is very difficult to make it in your life.

    No one is living your life the choice you made determine what you are, no matter who forces choices on you,

    you are the one living your life and able to change it in a good direction if you understand your responsibility no matter your status you can fix your mistake or mislead of your life.

    By 30 years you should be able to make life the way you want if you still complain that where you are and can not change anything.

  5. Fructifying Money:

    Before 35 years old you must able to execute strategies which can fructify money or in other way produce money for you,

    this comes to the concept of entrepreneurship thinking on how to produce or multiply your money not just looking for a job,

    by this age you should know to make money in your way which makes your financial freedom.

    You should have a good plan to execute your financial growth and freedom.

  6. Time management:

    Time is money as you have to manage your money, the same way you have to manage your time,

    know what is urgent or what is a priority.

    The way you don’t want to lose your money that the same way you don’t want to waste time.

    Time is very crucial make a good strategy to manage and save time because time wasted is irrecuperable, all you have to do next is to manage your time with a good and strategic plan.

  7. Life is hard therefore work hard:

    Life is very hard by nature no ways to make it easy, that is why those who are lazy or want the instant result in life do not succeed usually, make money without working hard is against the nature of life as a result of that many consequences can be observed like deep poverty or incapability of doing something good and more likely to end up in prison cause of stilling or becoming crazy for consulting a charlatan for making easy money.

  8. Life is a perpetual school:

    Life teaches every day until when you will leave this world so by 35 years old you should have learned a lot from life but have you practice the lesson in your life and make use of good lessons for perfections.

  9. Be pragmatic: By this age, you should be able to act, make real all your desires, not just theoretical life.

    This is the big problem in Africa, where people talk too much or dream but to make a realization is where the problem lies.

    In Africa, many listen to the word people say instead of looking at what they have done because this proves the capacity of making a reality.

  10. Analysis Skills: All that shine is not the gold, at a certain age you should be able to develop your analytical skill to make good decisions because you will have deep thinking in many situations, therefore, be able to make a good decision in life.

Here are the 10 things to do in life before 35 years old after you read all the article you will be able to validate what you have done and what have not done yet and commented if you think of something to add base on your experience. Read more article about business