December 9, 2022

Congo DRC Business Ideas Africa

Congo DRC business ideas africa and entrepreneurs start up

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Congo DRC business ideas africa
Congo DRC Kinshasa business ideas africa

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Congo DRC Kinshasa Some small business ideas in 2022

Congo DRC Kinshasa small business ideas tthat seens to work very well with peace of mind.

Would you like to know about business ideas to start this year?

Many small business ideas, actually online business model are the most popular and easy to grow fast.

Do not choose business just for money but also business that you are passionated about and easy for you to understand.

Before starting a business study well the business market of the place where you want to operate.

When thinking of starting a business we see entrepreneurship mind.

An entrepreneur is not limited to certificate or bachelor degree you have acquired at the university but the capacity and hard work to transform an idea or an problem into a business opportunity, implement and eventually make money out of it, then you are a real qualify entrepreneur.

School will help you in an intellectual ways of planning using some strategies already used or experiment by others but the real entrepreneur is the one who make money out of a business which is from an idea or a problem.

In this article we are sharing business ideas by focusing on a specific country, the Congo DRC Kinshasa.

Why Congo DRC Kinshasa simple because there are a lot of business opportunities because of the under development of the country but rich resources.

Congo DRC Kinshasa is very rich from it natural resources unfortnatly unorganised goverment and lake of real leardership.

Beside what affect the Congo DRC negatively on the goverment side, the entrepreneurship is one of the important way to boost the economy of Congo DRC.

These business ideas we share with you is not just for Congo DRC but ca serve as business ideas in the whole africa even in the world.

These small business ideas can help good entrepreneurs to make a consistant business and run profitable small companies in the congo DRC.

Consider some of these business ideas to run your own business


You have knwoledge in a specific area or sector ( marketing, human resources or able to offer certain services. Ex: Real Estate agent, in DRC Congo many people do not buy properties in the right way that why there are many conflicts in court trying to solve property ownership issues. There are many sector where you can offer services based on your skills.

2. Online Resellers Business Ideas

Online reseller is an ideal business to start in these days as everything is being sold online or search on the internet therefore the market is being the first way and easy to find anything you are looking, in your knowlodge what kind of products can you sell online? i am sure you can figure out a lot of products.

3. Online Teaching Business Ideas

Online teaching is the same ideas with online resellers but here is about a particular skills or knowledge which you can deliver online via youtube or videos conference or any other online tools. there are always people online researching or would want to learn so online teaching is a good business idea which any skilled person can go for it.

4. Online Bookkeeping

Technology has facilitated many services to be delivered wherever you are via the internet so as many companies or businesses will need a bookkeeper to run and manage their account so this ideal business to start online for speedy services and communication between the bookkeeper and clients


Dropshipping is one of the easiest business to start in Congo DRC.

Dropshipping is a third party selling system which allows sellers to sell

products of another store and them they will deliver the products to the clients. So the sellers will have to focus only on selling the products.

This is a good opportunity to start an online business where you don’t need

big investment to start selling products.

Starting an ecommerce with Dropshipping is the ideal way to go for ecommerce business.

6.Sell Phone Accessories

Selling phones accessories is one of the best business ideas in Congo DRC

as everyone have cellphones and probably they will need one of the phones accessories.

This business may seem saturated but consider the fact that the number of users is increasing on daily basis that is why the business continue to grow.

People will need different phones accessories therefore you will need to have a varity of products to satisfy the clients.

such as earphones, adapters, covers, cables, protectors and more

A long with this business you may add another service like phone repair etc.

7. Supermarket in Congo DRC Kinshasa

An entrepreneur always look for opportunities everywhere,

In congo DRC Kinshasa or other african countries,

Supermarket is one of the best business idea,

The business of supermarkets tend to bring solutions

to basic need of people in a certain area.

An entrepreneur who need to start business and decide to start

a supermarket business, he is in the right way in congo DRC Kinshasa,

The business of supermarket is currently dominated by indians, Lebanese etc.

Supermarket business does not always require a lot of money (big capital)

as an entrepreneur you can work in parternariat with companies

or manufactury to sell their products in the supermarket

and earn commission or by adding extra money on each products,

All the entrepreneur need is a good place, enough space with money

to start and manage the business operation.

A supermarket is fast money maker business, just a good place where people find out easily about the shop.

A supermarket must have a good marketing plan for visibility.

People in every area need to buy food or small products of the house

so a supermarket is an area secour for basic need of families.

8. Bakery In Congo DRC Kinshasa

Start a bakery business in Congo DRC Kinshasa is a good idea as

it tend to bring solution to basic need like a supermarket but

the bakery is more specific making bread etc.

Bread is basic need for everyone or families,

Investing in bakery and making quality bread will be very interesting

and good market.

Most bakeries supplied to many supermarkets for low prices for them

to resell with benefice at a certain prices.

Bakery is very active for parties or many other events where people order

cakes for birthday, wedding etc.

How much money do you need to start a bakery?

It depends on all the products in bakery you want to make .

For example to make wedding cakes you will need to machines

and some tools accessories.

9. Restaurant In Congo DRC Kinshasa

This is world business everywhere in the world there are restaurants.

Some people work or do not have enough time to cook for themselve

so the restaurant is the solution for those who do not have time to cook

but also restaurants help tourists or people

who are new in the town to eat fast.

How much money to start a restaurant in Congo DRC Kinshasa?

Well! from 1000$ you should be able to start a good restaurant

which you will improve progressively with time

and one other thing to consider is the rent in most cases

the deposit (as garanty) is six months of your monthly rent

Therefore if you find a place to rent for 200$ monthly

you will have to pay first 1200$ deposit (garanty)

sometime it is negociable.

So to start a restaurant therefore you will need atleast

1000$ + 1200$ when the business grows you will then add

more products or services like making coffee cappaccino

here you will have to buy the coffee machine the more

the business grows you will need more machines.

Congo DRC Kinshasa business ideas, we want to help congolese

to get jobs therefore fight poverty in the country

by sharing business ideas so that entrepreneurs can use

them analyse in deep to create stable business

and therefore more jobs opportunities.

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